The all-in-one solution to manage your school and childcare

Why RightTrack?

Built for Parents and School

After working closely with schools and parents alike

One Stop Solution

Share and Find videos, photos, messages, notes, billing etc. all at one place!

Seamless across Platform

Access your account from any device like laptops, mobiles, tablets


Info of your child is shared only with you

Let's grow together

Get regular tips on various aspects related to your child


Daily updates

Helps you in monitoring your child’s education growth with utmost privacy.


Ergonomically designed as a one stop solution for all your early education needs.

One Stop Solution

Allows parents to reach out to teachers and vice versa in a very convenient and quick way.

User Friendly

Both website and app are designed in a way which is very simple and easy to use so that you don’t invest hours learning how to operate it.

View, Interact and Share

Digital information keeps your records easily accessible as and when required and easily shareable to your other social media platforms.


Complete paperless invoicing reducing your carbon footprint and pushing the Digital India growth.

In Sync

Seamless interaction and availability among many devices.

Moments Recorded Worldwide

2114150 +


Manage classrooms, observe students, and stay in touch with families - all from one easy to use app