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Reusable On a Daily Basis - For Daily Practice

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Covers Every Important Concept

🔤 Alphabet (Big and Small)
🔢 Numbers
🎰 Counting
💠 Shapes
💗 Colours
🐒 Farm and Wild Animals
💢 Seasons
🔅 Days of Week
📆 Months of Year
🍇 Fruits
🍆 Vegetables
🚇 Transportation
👫 Community Helpers
Logical Reasoning
Handwriting Practice of Alphabet, Numbers and Shapes
Fine Motor Skills
Handwriting Improvement
Cognitive Development
🐽 Name Recognition
🅰 Spelling Learning
👑 Concentration
💡 Logical Ability


Learning and recognizing letters and objects associated with them.


Learning, Identifying and counting numbers for a good stronghold on the concept

Fine Motor Skills

This folder helps in improving hand eye coordination thus improving fine motor skills

Logical Thinking

Activity to improve logical thinking in kids related to patterns, colours and shapes

Fruits and Vegetables

Learn how different fruits and vegetables look like with their names..

Community Helpers

Understand about various community helpers and through discussion how they help us





  • Regular Price ₹ 1,499/-
  • You can also PayTM or Google Pay on +91 79806 26505.
  • COD Avaliable


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the suitable age group for using Good Morning Folder ?

    If your child's age is between 1 years to 4 years, then you should definitely order this kit. Your child will enjoy doing engaging, interactive and fun learning activities. Each child has different learning speed and level of intelligence and this is provides him with all the essential concepts which he can learn and revise on a daily basis.

  • Good Morning Folder has all the important and essential concepts which a child needs during his formative years. It aims to make children daily revise all the concepts in a playful manner so that study becomes fun for them and they stay engaged with books rather than increasing screen time. Parents love us as it helps them keeping their kids engaged for a longer time and improving self-dependency.

    And Yes! Good Morning Folder pages are laminated from both sides to keep it water resistant and durable from rough use by toddlers and kids. You can reuse on a daily basis.

  • YES, YES and YES! We take lots of effort in installing velcros behind every single piece as it helps child in attaching those pieces easily. The biggest advantage is improvement in motor skills of children. Erasable pens with eraser attached at the top is also provided so that kids can reuse them regularly and practice constantly.

  • Yes, sheets come in a binder which ensures easy management by kids also.

  • We deliver your kit within 7 to 15 working days.

  • Good Morning Folder has been designed especially keeping in mind that parents can take it with them on trips as well. It is not very bulky.

  • We will provide replacement if there are any issues. But we do not have return or refund policy. For any queries get in touch with us from the contact us page.

  • You can purchase directly from the website by making online payment. We also accept PayTM, GPay and bank transfer. Get in touch with us to know more.