Busy Bags

for Pre Nursery, Nursery and KG

A complete engagement KIT to keep your children

occupied with brain developing activities and

reduce screen time.

Watch how Busy Bags work!

Many Concepts - One Little Bag!

A complete portable engagement kit - Busy Bags! Keeps your children engaged and involved giving you peace of mind.

Important concepts - all inside One Busy Bag!

Concepts like Counting, Pre writing, Colours, Rainbow, Shapes, Popsicle Stick Activities, Matching etc. all inside a compact bag helping kids learn in a fun, playful method!

Fine Motor Counting

Helps children in counting objects and then use their fine motor skills.

Rainbow Stacking

Understanding colours and different shape sizes and arrangements


Count and Circle is one of the favourite activities of kids

Popsicle Shapes

Visual identification and motor skills help children improve focus and concentration

Colour Matching

Matching colours and learning name and spelling of colours.


Understand the concept of opposites and match them

Pre Writing Practice

To make writing process easier

Busy Bags Advantages:

  • Light and easy to carry!
  • Many activities in one Busy Bag
  • Keeps your child engaged
  • Reduce screen time considerably
  • Double laminated - for strength and durability
  • Erasable Marker included
  • All velcros attached beforehand
  • All essential supplies provided

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(Invest in your Child's Learning)
Regular Price ₹ 1099/- [18% OFF till 31th Dec, 2021]

You can also PayTM or Google Pay on +91 79806 26505.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the suitable age group for using Busy Bags?

If your child's age is between 2 years to 4 years, then you should definitely order this kit. Your child will enjoy doing engaging, interactive and fun learning activities. Each child has different learning speed and level of intelligence and this is provides him with all the engagement which he can enjoy and also learn from.

What is Busy Bags ? Is it laminated ?

Busy Bags is a complete engaement kit which has activities a child needs to keep him engaged as well as facilitate learning. It aims to make children spend less time on screens and mobiles instead engage in fun learning activities in a playful manner so that study becomes fun for them. Parents love us as it helps them keeping their kids engaged for a longer time and improves self-dependency.

And Yes! Busy Bags pages are laminated from both sides to keep it water resistant and durable from rough use by toddlers and kids. You can reuse on a daily basis.

Does it include velcros, erasable pens and eraser?

YES, YES and YES! We take lots of effort in installing velcros behind every single piece as it helps child in attaching those pieces easily. The biggest advantage is improvement in motor skills of children. Erasable pens with eraser attached at the top is also provided so that kids can reuse them regularly and practice constantly.

Is there any holder for sheets ?

Yes, sheets come bundled in lock cables which ensures easy management by kids also.

What is the delivery time ?

We deliver your kit within 7 to 15 working days

What is the total weight of Busy Bags ?

Busy Bags has been designed especially keeping in mind that parents can take it with them on trips as well. It is not very bulky.

Do you have Return Policy ?

We will provide replacement if there are any issues. But we do not have return or refund policy. For any queries get in touch with us from the contact us page.

How can I purchase Busy Bags ?

You can purchase directly from the website by making online payment or Pay on Delivery. We also accept PayTM, GPay and bank transfer. Get in touch with us to know more.

(Invest in your Child's Learning)
Regular Price ₹ 1099/- [18% OFF till 31th Dec, 2021]

You can also PayTM or Google Pay on +91 79806 26505.