Our School

Right Track is the preschool brand of Humble Advisory Services Pvt Ltd. Our love and passion for the little ones led us to establish Little Right Track. Early Childhood Education in India is in a nascent stage and hence there is an ever increasing need of standardized education which can result in proper growth and development of children in their formative years. World today is shifting drastically from conventional methods to more evolved procedures which create more impression on a child’s ever inquisitive mind. We decided to bring this change and adopt a way which aims to be the perfect amalgamation of conventional and modern ways of early childhood education.

Our curriculum based on the principle of 3Es - ‘Excite, Engage, Explore!' This principle allows little children to grow and learn according to their own comfort level because we realise every child is special and takes their own sweet time in blooming into flowers. Our curriculum hence provides the right mix of international methods like Montessori and Kindergarten with lots of play and free time which gives them adequate opportunity to explore. But what truly differentiates Right Track from others is the digital platform provided for children to learn. Interaction with parents is through digital platform and numerous classroom activities are conducted. Each of our school has complete digital setup where the children interact with digital study materials and learn in a more engaging manner.


Our pedagogy is defined by the values we want to inculcate in our children. Hence, although we keep evolving it to ensure modernity but also ensure that children are as close to their roots as possible.

Our methodology is to create the right environment for children which inspires them to learn rather than follow a systematic routine based approach which becomes monotonous.

Core areas of our focus are listed below. These 16 domains define our deliverables in ensuring proper growth of children in a holistic development environment.


Right Track curriculum is a highly customized curriculum which has been developed after thorough research of best frameworks present in this world.

The advantage of Right Track curriculum is the flexibility it provides both to students and teachers. With little kids its important not to create a system which becomes stereotype for them. This is because attention span is not huge of our little friends. This is where Right Track scores. We ensure that our curriculum provides the required flexibility to give freedom to our children to explore their surroundings without any regulations bounding them.

Our 3Es

Excite. Engage. Explore

Our curriculum follows these 3 Es to help children love learning and give wings to their ever inquisitive minds!!!

Excite - Learning happens when a mind is prepared to learn. Through ‘Excite’ our pedagogy creates an environment where children themselves grow eager to learn more.

Engage - Once we have been able to get children excited, our pedagogy engages them through various learning, sensory and motor activities ensuring holistic all round development

Explore - Learning is not complete till you implement it. Hence, after engaging our students we give them ample opportunities to explore their surroundings and implement their learnings to have life long impressions.

Why Right Track

Right Track is the perfect choice for your little angles to start their journey and grow into great human beings!!!

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