Manage your school, observe students and update parents the easy way


RightTrack is a platform which aims to bring schools, parents and day cares on a common platform which can help in improving the child’s early education by bringing transparency and ensuring easy flow of communication.

For this, RightTrack has endeavored to keep introducing new features to help schools and parents devote more time towards their children. To make this easy, parents are provided with various options which also includes paying fees online so that all the hassles of offline payments are discarded. Schools save a lot of time and effort which is wasted in managing offline fees payment process.

For payment of fees parents just need to visit the Fees/Billing tab and see if a new bill has been generated by the school. If yes, then just click on the pay button and follow the process to submit fees online!

Parents are also given numerous benefits from time to time like Track Record and updates on various events across their city. All those benefits can be purchased if they are paid services by clicking on the link associated with them.